Plasma Treatment

Plasma Treatment
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By modifications of materials by roll-to-roll surface treatment device, we are getting enhanced adhesion and wettability

Specifications of Equipment

  1. Both-sides processing of surface area
  2. Film width max. 1,550mm
  3. Degree of vacuum 133.3~13.33Pa
  4. Number of process gas max. 5 species

Specifications of Roll-to-Roll Plasma Treatment Apparatus
[Soka Factory]

- Specifications Remark
Degree of Vacuum 10-10~10-2 Torr 133.3~13.33Pa
Valid Width of Process 1,550mm -
Area Treated Both-sides One-side-only treatment is not available.
Processing Mode / Time Dp mode / (min.)60s -
Process Gas MFC 1species,(max.)5SLM Extendable upto max.5 SLM
Availability of Film Width /
Thickness to be processed
254~1,550mm / 25~125μm -
Length / internal radius 280~1,752mm / 3 or 6inch -
Winding Diameter/Weight (max.) 450mm / 370kg (with thickness of 25μm)
3inchcore: approx. 5,800m
6inchcore: approx. 5,000m

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