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SOMACIDE strongly kills and controls microbes that cause rotting problems and lower operating efficiency as well as product quality. And it prevents rotting problems beforehand.
Various products are available suitable for use to each rotting object.


  1. Active ingredients contained are non-metallic organic chemicals, and give strong preservative effects.
  2. Has a wide antifungal spectrum against such microbes as bacteria and fungi that cause rotting.
  3. Does not contain hazardous substances prohibited by the law for PRTR, Industrial Safety and Health Law and drainage regulation.
  4. Easy to use as it is water-soluble.
  5. Ames Test (a test that determines mutagen with the use of microbes) has shown that it is negative.
  6. Not dangerous products (under Fire Fighting Law).

Major Target Substances in Need of Preservatives

  1. Starch slurry
  2. Pigment slurry
  3. Coating colors
  4. Pulp slurry
  5. Dyes
  6. Latex
  7. Others


Packed in 20-kg polyethylene cans, 200-kg drums and 1,000-kg containers.

Directions for Use

Standard addition quantity is 100 to 600 ppm by volume, but in actual use it depends on application purpose/a kind of the microbe, so consultation must be required in each time.

Example of Products

As to selecting from SOMACIDE A3600, A3700, A3800 and A3900, a recommendable chemical will be decided after preservative testing based on the target substance in need of preservatives and use conditions.

Precautions for Handling

  • When handling stock solution, use rubber gloves and be careful so that the stock solution would not come into contact on hands, faces and clothes.
  • Wear goggles and safety glasses during the work so that the stock solution would not get into the eye.
  • In case of entry in the eye and contact on hands/faces, please flush with plenty of water immediately, and seek a medical care depending on the case.

For Contact

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FAX: +81-3-3542-2170