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Dehydrated Begetables
image of Dehydrated Begetables

These products are prepared from fresh vegetables that are dried at the local facilities in the country of origin. Air dried onion, garlic, other vegetables, freeze dried herbs are available. We can provide required sizes from fine powder to flakes.
Also, we can provide semi-dried frozen vegetables which maintain fresh texture, and IQF herbs that maintain fresh flavors.


What is dehydrated vegetable?

These products are prepared from freshly harvested vegetables that are air or freeze dried. These products can be rehydrated by soaking in cold or hot water for a few minutes upto an hour. Dehydrated vegetables can also solve surplus water and garbage problems of fresh vegetables and contribute to cost reduction of storage and physical distribution.

Applications: Soup, Curry
Confectionery, Baked Goods
Various Processed Food

Product Line-Up and Properties

Onion Series
  Type Size
Fancy Powdered Onion Powder 50% max on US#100
Minced Onion Minced approx 3 – 5 mm
Chopped Onion Chip approx 6-8mm
Garlic Series
  Type Size
Banner Powder Garlic Powder 50% max on US#100

Grades other than the above are available according to customers’ requirement. Please contact our sales representative at Somar Corporation.

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