Guar Gum

Guar Gum
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PROCOL series is a high quality Guar Gum for food applications. Many kinds of grades are available and divided depending upon viscosity and granularity.
Guar Gum series is a high viscosity Guar Gum for feed and industrial applications.


What is Guar Gum?

Guar Gum is a thickener made of endosperm of guar seed that is a leguminous grown in mainly south Asia. It is soluble in cold water and hot water with a good pH tolerance. Due to its versatility, Guar Gum is recommended for a wide range of food applications as a food additive.
Also, because of biodegradability, Guar Gum is widely used for industrial purposes.

Food Applications: Ice cream
Cream cheese
Confectionary, Baked Goods
Processed foods
Industrial Applications: Fish feed

Product Line-Up and Properties

PROCOL series
  Viscosity (1%,2h) Granularity
PROCOL U ≥4,500 mPa.s 100 mesh pass, ≥97%
200 mesh pass, ≥80%
PROCOL S-1 4,500~4,900 mPa.s 100 mesh pass, ≥98%
200 mesh pass, ≥80%
PROCOL K ≥3,500 mPa.s 100 mesh pass, ≥80%
200 mesh pass, ≤20%
Guar Gum series
  Viscosity (1%,2h) Granularity
Guar Gum GU/F ≥5,000 mPa.s 100 mesh pass, ≥97%
200 mesh pass, ≥80%

Grades other than the above are available according to customers’ requirement. Please contact our sales representative at Somar Corporation.

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