Carob Bean Gum

Carob Bean Gum (ROCAST BEAN GUM)
image of Carob Bean Gum

LBG Series is a high quality Carob Bean Gum (Rocast Bean Gum) for food applications.
Many kinds of grades are available depending upon viscosity and granularity.


What is Carob Bean Gum (Rocast Bean Gum)?

Carob Bean Gum (Rocast Bean Gum) is a thickener made of endosperm of the Carob tree bean seed that mainly inhabits the coast of the Mediterranean sea.
It is soluble in hot water and has effect as a binder, a thickener, a stabilizer in a wide range of pH.
It can also be made into gel by mixing carrageenan or xanthan gum.

Food Applications: Ice cream
Cream cheese
Baked Goods
Processed foods.

Product Line-Up and Properties

  Viscosity (1%aq) Granularity
LN-1 2,700±200mPa・s min 100mesh pass, ≥85%
200mesh pass, ≤60%
LN-1/200 2,900±200mPa・s min 100mesh pass, ≥95%
200mesh pass, ≤85%
LN-200HV 2,700±200mPa・s min 100mesh pass, 100%
200mesh pass, ≤80%

Grades other than the above are available according to customer’s requirement.
Please contact our sales representatives at Somar Coporation.

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