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CURECIDE is a chemical that has stronger bactericide and control effects against bacteria and fungi than conventional organic type slime control agents.
It is particularly effective in neutral paper making and excellent in terms of safety and cost.

Abstracts of CURECIDE System

What the CURECIDE system means…
CURECIDE system shows strong bactericide and excellent control effects.

image of CURECIDE

Chemical Effects of CURECIDE

How CURECIDE reacts with sodium hypochlorite…
Reaction product of CURECIDE and sodium hypochlorite shows strong bactericide effects.
An intermediate product during the reaction shows a continuous bactericide effect and has a control effect against bacteria.

image of CURECIDE

Dosing Systems of CURECIDE

Dosing of CURECIDE plus NaCIO onto machines
Because CURECIDE reacts with sodium hypochlorite instantly, it can be added after the mixing without any delay. Sodium hypochlorite is used after diluting 100 times with the water.

Benefits of CURECIDE

CURECIDE does not cause any burn on the skin like a conventional organic type bactericides.
It does not fall into a category of dangerous and poisonous materials.

CURECIDE has a wide antifungal spectrum against bacteria, fungi, etc.
It is not easily susceptible to reducing substances as compared with inorganic type bactericides.

Contamination Analysis and Machine Control

Analyzing spots, defects and contamination…
We suggest the ways for finding the cause of troubles and methods for solution with the use of newest equipment like SEM-EDX, GC-MS, FT-IR and 13C-NMR.
We can judge with a DNA analysis if it comes from microbes.
WE specify the bacteria that form the slime in vitro with slime formation method, and carry out selective bacteria control.

Machine Check…

Control the residual chlorine density to check machine corrosion and CURECIDE effects.

Product Line-up and Features

  Sodium Hypochlorite CURECIDE - 100 CURECIDE - 200 CURECIDE - 300
Bactericide Effect Fair Fair Good Excellent
Fungicide Effect Fair Excellent Good Good
Control Effect NG Good Good Good
Sustainability NG Good Good Good

Precautions in Handling

  • During the handling of this product, please wear protective gears and work at well ventilated areas.
  • When it entered into eyes, immediately wash out with plenty of water and let the patient see a physician.
  • When it touched on the skin, please wash out with soap.
  • When it was swallowed, immediately let the patient see a physician.
  • In case of use, please refer to MSDS of the product.

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