Slitting Processing

Slitting Processing
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Under the normal and clean room environment, slitting is being performing.
Metal Slitting including copper clad is also available.
Sheet-cut and half-cut product also can be processed.


  1. Film width min.100-max.1,700mm
  2. Metal, adhesive and optical materials are available to be processed.
  3. We are also equipped with sheet-cut and half-cut machines.

(Soka Factory)

Species of Machine Clean Degree Valid Width(mm)
Slitter No.1 N/A 1,300
Slitter No.2 N/A 1,300
Slitter No.3 N/A 500
Slitter No.4 N/A 1,400
Slitter No.5 Class 10,000 1,400
Slitter No.6 Class 10,000 1,700
Slitter No.7 (Metal Clad) Class 10,000 1,300
Inspection Equipment Class 10,000 1,400
Coreless Slitter No.1 N/A 1,400
Coreless Slitter No.2 N/A 1,400

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