Coating (Pilot Coater)

Coating (Pilot Coater)
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Small pilot production is available under clean environment

Equipment performance :

  1. Applicable film width : Max. 500mm
  2. Dryer zone length : 6m
  3. Drying temperature : Max. 200°C
  4. UV radiation and warming lamination
  5. Various coating methods are available


Specifications of Equipment Pilot
Stage Head CR
Line CR
Coating Method 1 Wire Bar
2 Edge Die
3 Comma
4 Die
Area Treated/Layer Surface/1Layer
Applicable Substrate Material PET, etc.
Thickness [μm](min-max) 25-250
Substrate Width [mm] Max. 500
Min. -
Coating Width [mm] Max. 450
Drying Temperature [°C] max 200
min 90
Dryer Zone Length [m] 6 (4 zones)
Applicable Solvents Solvent-bone, Water-bone
Others UV Radiation
Warming Laminator
IR Heater

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