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SOMATAC CR Series are films used in production processes, which have weak adhesion at normal temperature, and gain adhesion by heating.
Various types of products with different adhesion-gaining temperatures and peeling strength are available.


  1. Develops adhesion when heated.
  2. At normal temperatures, peeling strength declines largely as compared with when heated.
  3. As the peeling strength is very weak, it can reduce peeling stress to the objects to be adhered.
  4. Particularly suitable for use as a support material for extremely thin films.

Product Line-Up and Properties

Product Code PS-1155CR PS-1422CR PS-1790CR
The Kind of Base Film
& Thickness(μm)
PET 25 PET 100 Sandmatte
PET 175
Adhesive Layer Thickness(μm) 10 30 20
Releasing Film Thickness(μm) OPP Film30 OPP Film30 OPP Film30
Temperature at peak of
releasing strength(°C)
60 80 60
Releasing Strength
versus PET Film

(vs. PI film,
in case of PS-1155CR)
23°C 0.07 0.02 0.07
40°C 0.26 - -
60°C 1.1 4.5 4.4
70°C - 3.8 -
80°C 0.3 - -
85°C - 2.7 -
100°C 0.11 - -
120°C 0.05 - -

All the figures are representative values.

The combination of a base material and a releasing film material/thickness can be changed at your request in some cases, so your inquiries will be welcomed.


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