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SOMABLACK FILM is a light shading/reflection preventing film for use in optical instruments.
Regular type [R type] of black and matted films for spacers and washers used in digital cameras and mobile phones. It has a good reputation and long history.


  1. It is made of a polyester film in which carbon black is mixed, and has excellent dimensional stability and good for punching work.
  2. With double-side sand-matte finishing, light reflectance is lowered, and further by special coating, electrical conductivity and sliding property are given.

Product Line-Up and Properties

Grade Property Examples of Applications
MD Matte Finish Camera shutters, diaphragms, spacers, washers, etc.
MDED Matte Finish & Electric Conductivity Camera shutters, diaphragms, spacers, washers, etc. that need the control of static electricity.
MDVD Matte Finish & Electric Conductivity/Sliding Property Camera shutters, diaphragms, zooming cylinders, etc. that need static electricity control and sliding property.

Grade Line-Up

Product Code Thikness[μm] optical density
SOMABLACK-R 25 MD 29±4 ≧1.2
38 MD 42±5 ≧1.8
50 MD 54±6 ≧2.4
75 MD 80±8 ≧3.7
100 MD 106±11 ≧3.2
MDED 108±11
188 MD 192±19 ≧3.7
250 MD 255±20 ≧3.7

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