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SOMABLACK FILM is a light shading/reflection preventing film for use in optical instruments.
High lights shading type [H type] of high optical density films for light shading parts like shutters and diaphragms used in optical equipments such as cameras. It has long time performance records and reputation.


  1. It is made of a polyester film in which carbon black is mixed, and has excellent dimensional stability and good for punching work.
  2. With double-side sand-matte finishing, light reflectance is lowered, and further by special coating, electrical conductivity and sliding property are given.
  3. H type products particularly have high light-shading property which is comparable to silver-halide cameras.

Product Line-Up and Properties

Grade Property Examples of Applications
MD Matte Finish Camera shutters, diaphragms, spacers, washers, etc.
MDED Matte Finish & Electric Conductivity Camera shutters, diaphragms, spacers, washers, etc. that need the control of static electricity.
MDVD Matte Finish & Electric Conductivity/Sliding Property Camera shutters, diaphragms, zooming cylinders, etc. that need static electricity control and sliding property.

Grade Line-Up

Product Code Thikness[μm] optical density
SOMABLACK-H 50 MD 54±6 ≧5.0
MDED 56±6
MDVD 58±6
75 MD 80±8 ≧5.0
MDED 82±8
MDVD 84±8
SOMABLACK-C37ED 37±2 ≧5.0

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