Epiform for Motors

Epiform for Motors
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Epiform of motor grade is a resin used for motors. Many grades are available, which are suitable for various applications in automobile motors, power tool motors, household appliance motors and other small motors.


  1. Powder Resins for Slot Insulation.
    • Excellent heat resistance, the wire would not cut into the coated layer easily, showing high cut-through resistance.
    • Excellent edge coverage, realizing uniformity coating.
    • Thin coating grades are available.
    • Various coating methods can be used.
  2. Coil Impregnation/Fixing Resins.
    • Both powder and liquid types are available.
    • Excellent impregnating/fixing properties.
  3. Magnet Bonding Adhesives.
    • One-part adhesives with excellent workability and storage stability.
    • High adhesive strength.
  4. Balancing Putty for Rotors
    • High specific gravity/lead free types are available.
    • Both one-part and two-part types are available.


Liquid Resins

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