Environmental Protection

Environmental Protection Measures

Chronological Table of Environmental Protection Activities

Concluded the agreement with Saitama Pref. for global environmental protection/clean-up on the occasion of opening Soka Factory.
Actively promoted the project for pollution control and environmental protection/clean-up as a member company of Environmental Protection Measures Promotion Council of Soka-Yashio Industrial Association.
Gained a prize from the Mayor of Soka City at a tree-planting contest.
Environmental Management Committee was inaugurated as the systematic promotional body for environmental management activities.
Soka Factory has gained certification of ISO 14001.

Implemented a large-scale reinforcement of the production infrastructure mainly centered on the production equipment in Soka Factory and restructured a new factory that conforms to environmental protection requirements.
Started to take measures for emission-free production at Soka Factory.

It has been certified by Sony Corporation as "Sony Green Partner" for the successful implementation of Sony Green Partner Program.

Information Publication

We will try our best in active publication of environmental information to all the stakeholders and fully communicate with the regional community.

For your contact:
Please contact a person in charge of Environmental Management at Quality Assurance Dept.