Environmental Protection

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Environmental Protection Activities


Recognizing that the preservation of the global environment is an important mission for good corporate citizens in global society, we set the environmental protection policy and take measures, by combining the support from all the departments in our factory, for the prevention of contamination as well as continued improvement of our environmental management system and implementation of it.

Environmental Protection Policy

  1. Implementation of environmental management system that comply with ISO-14001 Standard.(Continued measures to be taken)
    (1) Design products that conform to environmental protection requirements.
    (2) Control of discharge of industrial waste.
    (3) Prevention of contamination due to the use of chemical substances.
    (4) Reduction of energy consumption.
    (5) Take measures for green procurement

  2. Compliance to each one of the regulations applied to the factory and setting of self-control standards.

  3. Setting of the clear purpose/target and endeavoring for achievement along with the continued system-improvement.

Green Procuremant Guideline

SOMAR prioritizes procuring raw materials from suppliers who are active in environmental conservation.

Green Procuremant Guideline[PDF147KB]


Chronological Table of Environmental Protection Activities