Philiosophy of Business Management

Techinology Partner

Since it was established in 1948 shortly after the end of war, SOMAR directed its attention to the newest chemical technologies and products at that time in U.S.A. and Europe, and has contributed to the development of industries by introducing them quickly to the domestic market and answering, in optimal form, the needs from electrical, electronic, automobile, paper making industry and such.

Through these business activities, such corporate climate as pioneer and challenging spirit has been naturally acquired, and
by “turning the dream into tangible results”, we found the reason for living as SOMAR’s employees.

Through the realization and sublimation of the above, the words “SOMAR uses its wisdom to the full” had been created and handed down to us as a backbone for our business management even today.

Today, in view of social environment that surrounds businesses globalizes and changes rapidly, we would like to perform a part of “social responsibility of a business” by setting the business management philosophy of “SOMAR uses its wisdom to the full” as the starting point for our business activities from here on too, strengthening further the functions as high quality technology-development oriented business that can be globally accepted continuously and raising the significance of existence as “Technology Partner”.