Message from President

Message from President
Aiming at the business development focusing on the next generation

2016 is SOMAR's 69th anniversary. Our success over these many years is due to the dedication of our supply chain partners and the loyalty of our customers and we are grateful for their support during these 69 years of continuous innovation and growth.

SOMAR's global business initiative started in 2007 when the firm transitioned from a Japan-based export model to manufacturing and selling where our customers are located. Consequently, our local sales and service in China and Southeast Asia have grown and improved significantly. SOMAR now has production, sales and marketing, and logistics facilities in these regions enabling SOMAR to offer the best product, sales and service to support our local customers' needs.

The 2008 global recession provided SOMAR a timely opportunity to restructure the corporation which in turn enabled the company to prepare for and take advantage of the subsequent economic upturn.

Along with the restructuring, cost cutting, employee training, and increased productivity supported SOMAR's global reorientation and allowed our work force to gain versatile job skills which provided SOMAR with significantly increased operational resilience in oftentimes volatile markets.

SOMAR is continuing its 69 year tradition of creativity with "Innovative SOMAR" with our R&D focus on creating next generation products. New formulations and advanced materials are SOMAR's keys to development of state-of-the-art new products and applications. Our R&D staff employs molecular design technologies with both high-polymer synthesis and organic synthesis to drive SOMAR's advanced material development beyond customers' current needs.

SOMAR will continue to push the boundaries of technology innovation into the 21st Century. We seek to be the "Indispensable Technology Partner" of our customers. "Innovative SOMAR" will drive our growth, support an increasingly green environment and provide jobs and products to the communities in which we operate. We at SOMAR hope this will be our contribution to a better world for all.