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Privacy Policy on the Protection of Personal Information

1. Concepts on the Protection of Personal Information

To perform smooth operations, we may obtain/use your personal information such as a name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, etc. We consider it is one of the most important responsibilities for us to properly maintain/safeguard personal information and to perform the responsibilities, we will handle personal information following the policy stated below.

  1. Complying with laws and related regulations on personal information protection, we will maintain personal information following general rules widely accepted as right and fair.
  2. Enact operational rules on personal information use, and instruct employees to strictly observe it. Also request contractors who have access to such information to maintain it properly.
  3. When obtaining personal information, we specify, notify and publicize the purpose for use, and use personal information conforming to the purpose of use.
  4. Preventing leakage, loss, and misuse/alteration of personal information, necessary safeguard measures will be taken.
  5. If you would like to have personal information disclosed, corrected, deleted or stopped using, please contact us as described below, we will work with it fairly.

2. The Purposes for Use, etc.

We will obtain and use personal information necessary for business operations for the purposes described below.


Providing information on products, raw material purchases and sales, promoting public relations, collecting information, processing orders, replying to inquiries and performing other related operations.

3. Disclosure and Submission of Information to Third Parties

We do not disclose or provide personal information to third parties other than the cases specified below. To perform smooth operations, we may use contractors and the contractors may release the personal information, however, in this case we take proper measures so that the contractors would maintain the personal information securely.

  1. When we have obtained the consent from you.
  2. When disclosing or providing information for statistical purposes where it is impossible to personally identify you.
  3. When required to submit information under laws and regulations.
  4. When it is necessary to protect a human life, body and property and difficult to obtain consent from you.
  5. When it is needed to cooperate with a state or regional government for performing public procedures and obtaining your consent may hamper the process.

4. Disclosure, Correction and Deletion of Information

If you would like to have personal information held by us disclosed, corrected, deleted or stopped using, please contact us as we are ready to do so for a reasonable period and to some extent after your identity is verified.

5. Contacting Us Regarding Your Personal Information SOMAR Corporation

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