• About Measures to CSR

About Measures to CSR

About Measures to CSR

We make it a point to further pursue CSR activities based on a basic philosophy of GRI (Global Reporting Initiative)

Since the foundation right after the end of war, under the management philosophy of "SOMAR uses its wisdom to the full", we have continued to strive after idea that our business activities would contribute to the development of society

In recent years, under the circumstances where corporate social responsibility is regarded increasingly important, we strongly recognize in point of this that CSR activities are the fundamental part of business activities

Particularly, from the point of view that we handle chemical materials, considering that significant consideration to the influence on global environment to be brought about by business activities is essential, we have made it a point to pursue environmentally friendly business activities by obtaining ISO 14001 certification in 2001.

In view of the present situations where environment surrounding businesses is getting increasingly complicated and diversified, in order to continuously play a role in sustainable society, we consider that it is important to strive to perform corporate social responsibility raising transparency of business and keeping communication with various stake holders.

For that purpose, following basic philosophy of GRI globally recognized in relation to CSR, we will endeavor to further disclose information in future and strive to win more "confidence" of you.